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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Am. Steel Pipe Supply Corp. able to convert my Metric
                Requirements to U. S. Standards?

Answer: Yes, we are able to cross dimensions and standards.

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Question: Is Am. Steel Pipe Supply Corp. an engineering firm able to design
                my project?

Answer: No, however we have supplied material to the industry for over three decades.  With the proper information, we are able to suggest materials to fit your needs and provide direction for you to solve your requirement objective.

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Question: If I am bidding a steel pipe project, is my quotation valid indefinitely?

Answer: No.  Due to pricing structure and availability, all material is quoted subject to prior sale.  When quoting a steel pipe job, it is important to provide the planned delivery, so that we can project an appropriate price for the material.

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Question: Are Test Reports included in the price of the material?

Answer: Yes.

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Question: Is Am. Steel Pipe Supply Corp. interested in purchasing material?

Answer:  Yes.  We are interested in new sources of supply.   We are also interested in your surplus inventory and in consignment arrangements.

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Question: Is Am. Steel Supply Corp. interested in obtaining agents and

Answer: Yes.  We are able to offer excellent commissions on a per-job basis or continuing business.  We have trained professionals that are able to guide you through every phase of your transactions and provide excellent back-up for trouble-free transactions, resulting in satisfied customers.

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Question: Does Am. Steel Supply Corp. supply other steel products?

Answer: We supply steel pipe and tubular products exclusively.   However, in some instances, our customers need assistance in other areas and, as a customer service, we provide unrelated products.

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Question: What is the smallest order that I can place?

Answer: The present minimum charge is $188.00 USD.

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Question: What is the estimated time of arrival of orders that are placed?

Answer: Most orders can be shipped one or two days from the time the order is placed.  However, the in-transit time depends on factors such as mode of transportation, destination, special material processing, and shipping regulations.

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